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LAPLACE, La - Storm victims in St. John Parish are frustrated and angry over what they consider the slow pace of the recovery from Hurricane Isaac in August.

The storm flooded about 7,000 homes in the the parish about 25 miles upriver from New Orleans. Homes on Sawgrass Drive in LaPlace were inundated by three to four feet of water.

Homeowners association president Stephanie Villagran says she and many of her neighbors can't return and rebuild until insurance adjusters do their job.

'You have no idea what you're getting yet because you're still fighting over everything,' said Villagran. 'It's very frustrating. You want to have an idea what number you're going to get and you don't even have an idea.'

Most of the homes have been gutted in The Meadows subdivision, but little construction is underway. Only four families out of 56 are back in their homes nearly two months after the storm.

' I don't know hardly anybody that would be able to start construction without a check.

Meanwhile, over in the nearby Cambridge Subdivision, Larry Larousse waits on rebuilding permits and electricity.

'Every time I turn around I hit a brick wall, one brick wall after another, bam, bam,' said Larousse. 'I'm not the only one. I've been to three town hall meetings and you here the same complaints over and over.'

Larousse says many of his neighbors may not return, unless the pace of the recovery picks up.

'The faster we get back in our homes the better off we're going to be,' said Larousse.

St. John Councilman Michael Wright is asking residents to be patient while the parish works to streamline the permitting process.

'It's frustrating,' said Wright. 'It's extremely frustrating. We're here for them. We have been. We're just asking them to please call and let us know their concerns.'

Neighbors hope to be back in their homes by the holidays.

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