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KENNER, La. - The airline industry is already taking a significant hit with the closures of a number of airports in the northeast canceling flights in New Orleans, and around the globe.

Right now the American Society of Plastic Surgeons has more than 4,500 doctors and medical company representatives in town for the annual meeting at the New Orleans Convention Center.

People here from the east coast are now going to have to stay in the city much longer.

'I was really banking on the fact that my Monday morning flight would take off as planned at 6:30 back to JFK and it was canceled on Sunday. So I actually right now have two flights. I have a flight going out Wednesday morning and if that doesn't work I also another flight reserved for Thursday because I really do want to get home. I'm missing Halloween with my children,' said conventioneer Jeanine DiGennaro of Garden City, New York.

If you have a flight in the next few days, you can check for cancellations online. We have a link to that information on our website, under links on four.

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