Bradley Handwerger / Sports Reporter
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METAIRIE, La. Drew Brees has been called Breesus. He could be compared to Superman for his exploits on the football field. But he never was Iron Man.

At least, not until Wednesday night.

For Halloween, you see, his son Baylen was interested in being something other than a Brees and chose Iron Man.

And that meant his father Drew would be, too.

'So Baylen's old enough now that he can tell me what I'm going to wear for Halloween, so he was going as little Iron Man,' Brees said Thursday. 'I was going to be daddy Iron Man.'

Then again, when dealing with toddlers, not everything goes according to plan.

'Unfortunately at the last second, he did not want to put on his Iron Man costume,' Brees said. 'He decided to go with pajamas instead, so he rolled in pajamas and bare feet with his Koala bear stuffed animal trick or treating until he ate the first or second piece of candy, got on a quick sugar high and then we couldn't keep up with him.'

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