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NEWJERSEY - North-easterners are dealing with a Nor'Easter, a powerful winter storm that brought temperatures in the 30s, making it hard for residents to clean up after Hurricane Sandy.

Up to eight inches of snow fell in the New Jersey and the metropolitan New York area on Wednesday night.

Ten days after the hurricane, some people still do not have power.

A few residents are staying in hotels because their powerless homes are too dangerous to remain in during freezing temperatures.

Sandy debris piles are now covered in snow, making it difficult for cleanup to continue.

Hundreds of people, including some from Southeast Louisiana, arrived to help with hurricane recovery.

The Red Cross sent up five Emergency Relief Vehicles (ERVs) and 11 people from Louisiana before the storm even hit. In the aftermath, 12 more people were sent and are spread out across devastated areas.

The Red Cross has set up shelters and has volunteers driving around ERVs in order to hand out meals twice a day. For some without power, these are the only hot meals they receive.

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