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NEW ORLEANS In the emotional aftermath of Sunday's 31-27 Saints win over Atlanta, Falcons receiver Roddy White didn't mince his words in voicing his belief that his previously undefeated team gave the game away.

A day later, Saints cornerback Jabari Greer didn't want to deconstruct the meaning of White's comment. But he was happy the Falcons were in an apparent generous mood.

'I'm not sure what he meant,' Greer said. 'But it's not up to me to interpret what his sentiments were. I believe that we fought for it. I don't believe anything was given to us. But if they feel like they gave it to us, we'll take it.'

White was a part of two of the biggest plays of Sunday's game.

On fourth-and-two from the 2-yard line, White streaked through the back of the end zone in front of Greer. Atlanta quarterback Matt Ryan thought the opening was enough to fit the ball in for the potential game-winning touchdown. But Greer dived in front of White, knocking the ball away.

And then on third-and-one with less than 20 seconds to play, White slowed down on a go route, coming up steps short of a ball from Ryan that would have resulted in a touchdown after the receiver found separation from Saints safety Isa Abdul-Quddus.

Maybe that's why White felt like the Saints didn't earn the win.

'We had opportunities today,' White said. 'It's not like they came out here and just won the game. I kind of think we gave it away. We gave it to them. It was really nothing they did. It was everything we did and not cashing in on opportunities.'

White has been outspoken about the Saints in the past and said before Sunday's game that the Falcons 'had the pedigree' to go undefeated.

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