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NEW ORLEANS -- It all began in March 2009 with four LSU friends kayak fishing, but it wasn't perfect.

'When you're sitting down low, it's so uncomfortable to be, your legs straight out in front of you the whole time,' said Corey Coghlan.

Gaines Garrett said 'by the end of the day, your back's hurting.'

And that day the four LSU students knew what they wanted, a kayak that would allow them to stand and fish, and like a lot of great entrepreneurial ideas, it all started at a sports bar on a napkin.

And the result is Kajun Custom Kayaks. That scribble on the napkin three years ago has become a boat-building business. They spent a year developing a kayak with an elevated seat and one stable enough to stand up, even on the seat if you want.

'We wanted to be able to get into these flats, stand up and be comfortable, get that higher vantage point,' Garrett said. 'That way when you're site fishing, it just makes it a lot easier and it's a lot more fun.'

What wasn't always fun was four college graduates with no boat building experience starting a business that did only that.

'We thought we could do it just with the funding that we were able to come up with ourselves, and that lasted all of about three months,' Garrett said.

So they found investors and now customers, with the KC 12 footer in 50 different retail stores across the country, and the Boy Scouts of America just signed a contract to buy their still in design, new tandem kayak.

'So you never know what you can do until you try it,' Coghlan said.

The napkin is long gone. The product of it hopes to be around for years to come.

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