Brendan McCarthy looks at the background of the company of Black Elk that owns the platform that exploded in the Gulf.

  • Black Elk Energy, a Houston-based independent oil and gas company, was created in 2007.
  • Properties include 854 wells on 155 plaforms spread across 430,000 gross acres offshore.
  • The bulk of itsproperties arebetween the mouth of the Mississippi River and Mustang Island, a barrier island just outside Corpus Christi, Texas.
  • Months ago, Inc. Magazine named Black Elk Energy 127th of the 5,000 fastest growing companies in the country. The company has reached a three-year sales growth of 2,510 percent. Their revenue last year was about $340 million.
  • Drilling and major rig work isset to begin this month on new 23-well drilling campaign, according to the Houston Business Journal.
  • CEO John Hoffman had long career with Amoco, and later at BP. He started Black Elk in 2007. Other Black Elk executives are oil industry veterans.There are some New Orleans ties. For example, the Vice Presidentof Health, Safety, Environmental & Compliance previously worked at Freeport McMoran in New Orleans.
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