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NEWORLEANS - On Tuesday, the trial judge in the Danziger Bridge police shooting case ordered the U.S. Attorney's Office to turn over more documents and more facts about the online postings by the former top assistant in the office, Jan Mann, and former top prosecutor, Sal Perricone.

Defendants in the Danziger case are asking that their guilty verdicts get tossed out, claiming the extra-judicial posting on a local news website prejudiced the jury and witnesses in the case.

In a 50 page order, Judge Kurt Engelhardt blasted Mann and Perricone, saying their actions violated various rules of professional conduct for federal prosecutors. Engelhardt also said their actions may constitute prosecutable criminal conduct.

Engelhardt reserved judgement on whether the misconduct is grounds for a new trial in the Danziger case. He admitted that it remains somewhat distant.

The judge also called for an independent investigation into the blogging scandal. He said if the Department of Justice does not proceed accordingly, he will proceed as he sees fit.

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