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NEW ORLEANS -- With the presidential election barely in the books, pols are now looking ahead to 2014.

Capitol Hill website 'Roll Call' gives incumbent Sen. Mary Landrieu, D-La., only a 50-50 shot at hanging on to her seat.

She is currently the only Louisiana Democrat elected statewide in a state strongly trending Republican.

'I think when people look at senators, I think party affiliation is somewhat important, but I think what's most important to the people is a record of performance and leadership,' said Landrieu.

Political pollster and Xavier Sociology Professor Dr. Silas Lee said it's way too early to predict what may or may not happen during the 2014 election.

'If she happens to have a well financed, well liked, strong opponent, that will make her campaign a little bit more challenging,' said Lee. 'It's difficult to beat an incumbent.'

Landrieu is already on TV campaigning for re-election.

Lee said she's smart to get out her message early.

'You have to be very preemptive about this and not wait to let your opponent define you.'

Landrieu says she is a known commodity capable of building coalitions on both sides of the aisle and north and south of I-10.

'I've had many Republican elected officials tell me that they're going to stand with me in this next election and I'm very proud of that because I help them when they call here to Washington and they know they can always count on our office to get the job done for them,' said Landrieu.

We're still not sure what Gov. Bobby Jindal's plans are for 2014.

But, 'Roll Call' names Louisiana Congressmen Bill Cassidy and Jeff Landry as possible Republican contenders in the upcoming Senate race.

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