SLIDELL, La. - The family of a man imprisoned for more than a month in an African country say he is now free to return to the United States.

The family says that the South Sudan's minister of justice has signed the necessary paperwork releasing Mark McCabe Thursday.

The details of his return are still developing and are being kept secret to protect his safety.

Last week, a South Sudanese judge dropped kidnapping charges against Mark McCabe.

'He sounded relieved, like finally this nightmare is over,' said wife Anne McCabe.

The nightmare started on a business trip to South Sudan in mid-October when McCabe was detained. While awaiting a Thanksgiving Day trial on what Sen. David Vitter, R-La., called an unjustified arrest, McCabe, who has a heart condition, suffered a heart attack.

Vitter then threatened the country's foreign aid from the U.S., which led to McCabe getting treatment at a clinic and later being released from custody pending the end of the trial today.

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