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BRAITHWAITE, La. -- Hurricane Isaac not only displaced thousands of families in Plaquemines Parish, but also tore pets away from loving homes.

Now, months after the storm, one woman is working hard to reunite lost pets with their owners.

'After Hurricane Isaac we began putting out food and water for the animals that were left alive out there. That people weren't able to go back and get them yet,' said animal rescuer Kim Johnson.

When the rain, wind, and surge died down, it quickly became clear that Hurricane Isaac hammered the town of Braithwaite.

Dozens of homes flooded, families forced to evacuate, and in all of the chaos pets were lost. Since the storm, Johnson has set up 45 feeding stations along the levee in Braithwaite to coax people's pets out of the wild.

Johnson recently stumbled across Manu, which she trapped. After sending out an email blast with pictures of the feline, Johnson was able to track down the cat's owners.

'They responded and said that is our cat. We've been missing our cat for a few weeks now. It was alive after the storm and then it just disappeared,' said Johnson.

On Friday, thanks to Johnson and other volunteers efforts, Cynthia Miller was finally reunited with her cat.

'I'm glad to have her back. She's a sweet cat and we enjoy having her,' said Miller.

For those who lost their four-legged friends in the storm, Miller insists keep the faith.

'Don't give up, they're out there. They'll come home soon,' said Miller.

Johnson said she pays to spay or neuter the cats she can't reunite with their owners.

Unfortunately the animal rescuer said she is then forced to release them back into the wild.

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