Ashley Rodrigue / Eyewitness News
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MANDEVILLE, La. -- A city councilman will propose a plan to better streets in the area with money that's been around for years.

Mayor Pro Tem Rick Danielson says around $26 million has been collecting in an account for Sales Tax District #3, which is shared by the city and the parish.

Danielson said he has ideas about how to use the money on road improvements and is looking for feedback.

'People ask me why do you want to do this type of project? And regardless of whatever the streets that eventually addressed are, the answer is because we told the voters in 1990 that we would when the city of Mandeville entered into this agreement with the parish,' he said.

The item is only for discussion at Thursday night's meeting. However, the councilman does intend to create a committee to plan the actual projects and possibly find more funding for other work.

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