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NEW ORLEANS-- The clock is ticking for Scott Hunter.

His shop - Sweets and Eats Cupcakes - landed two huge Super Bowl orders. One is for the official Super Bowl Tailgate Party on Sunday.

'At the last minute we got a call that they wanted us to bake 1,000 cupcakes for the tailgate party-- we were like, 'Oh! Where did that come from?' But it was a great opportunity,' Hunter said.

Then, came another call: it was an order for more than 2,000 mini-cupcakes for the NFL Honors Program taking place here at the Mahalia Jackson Theater on Saturday. The orders are major boosts to the bottom line of a shop less than two years old - and one that is off the Super Bowl beaten path in New Orleans East.

'You hear about these economic windfalls that come into the city, things that are happening in the CBD [Central Business District] and the French Quarter, but what about the other businesses outside? And it really has shown us that we really can capture that business, even if we are in New Orleans East,' Hunter said.

Suzanne Mestayer is with the Business Council of New Orleans and the River Region. She said the Super Bowl's exact financial impact on small businesses won't be clear until after the game, but added that it extends beyond the areas most visitors will see.

'This is a huge impact for small businesses,' Mestayer said. 'This isn't just about the tourism sector of the city - that's very important-- but in order to make that happen, there are countless small businesses that are participating.'

That includes Scott Hunter's business. He knows that between now and game day, rest won't be on the menu.

'It's going to be like a non-stop bake shop, all night long,' he said.

Mestayer said as the Business Council looks forward to this weekend's Super Bowl, they are also thinking about the next Super Bowl bid for New Orleans. They hope it can coincide with the city's tricentennial celebration in 2018.

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