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WASHINGTON PARISH, La. - The last time the 49ers were in New Orleans, linebacker Ahmad Brooks tore up the field and Drew Brees.

Now, as he returns for the Super Bowl, family members from Angie are looking back at Brooks' career and hoping that the stars have aligned for Ahmad.

'All we could think about was, we wished his daddy was there,' said his mother, Vergie Brooks.

Perry Brooks won Super Bowl XVII with the Washington Redskins. He died suddenly during the spring of 2010, and now his son's team shares similar colors and is playing the big game 30 years, almost to the day, after he did.

For Brooks' family, having that happen down the road from home makes a win make sense.

'Even though he was the only one of the children to be born in Virginia, and the other two here, it's just still, he knows his roots are here,' Brooks said. 'It's just exciting.'

The superstitious scenarios go even deeper, especially when it comes to Brooks' grandfather, a lover of sports.

'His name is Vergil and her name is Vergie, but coming through that namesake. She brought along a son and I'm so happy for him because he's 86 and lived to see this,' said Brooks' aunt Yvonne Mondy-Robinson.

Brooks' grandmother, Ora D. Brown-Williams, said, 'The 49ers are going to win, we have to, we've got to, we will.'

To help those stars align, the family is placing a tribute to both Brooks' father's Super Bowl, and his own, at his father's grave, and keeping the phrase 'Play Hard.. Play Smart,' words from Brooks' father, on their wrists.

The hope is that a little bit of fate goes a long way.

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