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METAIRIE, La. - A man was shot after his girlfriend told a group of four people that police were on their way to the scene where the suspects were demanding access to drugs.

The victim was listed as 'stable' at a local hospital.

The incident occurred around noon in the 6000 block of Rickey Street, according to Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office spokesman John Fortunato.

The suspects knocked on the door of a Metairie home and when a woman answered the door, they asked her for drugs, according to the sheriff's office. Fortunato said that when the woman told the suspects she didn't know about any drugs at the home, they suggested she call her boyfriend.

The boyfriend got to the scene and at some point the woman called police. Fortunato said that when the woman informed the suspects that the police were on their way, they shot at the boyfriend and fled.

Three of the suspects, identified only as a Hispanic woman and a black male, were apprehended, and two guns were found. One suspect is still at large.

St. Matthews Early Learning Center, which is nearby, placed its students on lockdown when they were notified of the situation. The lockdown ended around 2 pm, according to school officials.

A helicopter hovering over parts of Metairie was aiding in the search.

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