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NEW ORLEANS -- Former LSU defensive end Sam Montgomery admitted at the NFL Combine to taking plays and whole games off while with the Tigers, according to CBS Sports.

'You know, some weeks when we didn't have to play the harder teams, there were some times when effort was not needed,' Montgomery said. 'But when we had the big boys coming in, the 'Bamas or the South Carolinas, I grabbed close to those guys and went all out.'

Montgomery said he likely wouldn't be afforded that luxury in the pros.

'Of course, this is a new league, the NFL and there are no small teams, small divisions, it is all Alabamas and LSUs every week. It's definitely something I have to get adjusted to, but I'm sure with the right coaching I will be fine.'

Montgomery also said he and teammate Barkevious Mingo made hundreds of dollars in bets while playing in college. The two have a $5,000 wager on which one is drafted higher.

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