RESERVE, La.-- More then six months after two St. John Sheriff's Deputies were killed in the line of duty, a unique competition honored one of them on Saturday. K-9 units from several states participated in the first annual Jeremy Triche K-9 Narcotics Competition, to benefit Deputy Triche's family.

For Misty Triche, the passage of time has done little to ease the loss of her husband. However, she said her two-year-old son helps.

'I lost someone that I spent the last five years with every single day. It's hard not to have somebody and tell your day to, or to share the things that happened,' she said, 'but seeing his face makes it better to know thatI still have a piece of Jeremy.'

The two were on hand for the competition, which was organized by the St. John Sheriff's Office. K-9 teams from Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas traveled to Reserve to compete and support Deputy Triche's family.

'Since August, we have been planning this and we want to do this thing,' said St. John Lt. Chuck Bazile. 'So, it will carry on Jeremy's name, naturally.'

Deputy Triche was a K-9 handler. He and Deputy Brandon Nielsen were shot and killed in the line of duty last August, when they were ambushed in a St. John trailer park. It was a situation that shook many in the law enforcement community.

'We all know that it's a risk that we take, but when it happens so close to home-- I have a five-year-old daughter, I understand he had a young child, and just to think that I went to work-- especially, going out with something like that,' said Ofc. Douglas Mincin, a K-9 handler with the Town of Livingston Police Department.

It was that understanding and camaraderie, which brought out the nearly 60 K-9 teams for the part competition, part fundraiser for the Triche family.

'To me, this is just fantastic, the turnout that we got,' Lt. Bazile said.

It was a turnout appreciated by Misty Triche, who said she wants to do whatever she can to keep her husband's memory alive for their young son.

'He's so young, that this is all he'll ever have of him, besides the little things that we tell him and the pictures he gets to see,' she said.

Misty Triche said she has received amazing support from the law enforcement community, with many still coming by her home to see her. She said her son still asks for his dad every day.

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