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METAIRIE, La. - On Friday, high school students will learn a lesson they will hopefully never have to experience.

The fatal consequences of drinking and driving will be displayed in a mock crash at St. Martin's Episcopal School.

Compared to other segments of society, teenagers have an increased problem with intoxicated driving and distracted driving.

The Louisiana Highway Safety Commission reported that 3,100 teenagers died in 2010 in alcohol-related crashes. Although the number of teenagers in these types of crashes is declining, it still remains a major problem, according to the commission.

'Consequences of Impact' was started by state police, LSU HealthSciences Center doctors and EMS paramedics.

The program stages a mock crash in which students play the victims and parents are on-hand.

The group attempts to make the crash as realistic as possible in order to get the message across about the importance of making wise decisions.

There will be increased enforcement throughout April.

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