NEWORLEANS- A school bus driver is being credited with maneuvering a bus that lost its braking ability to safety and keeping the 25 children on board free from harm.

The incident occurred around 7 am near the intersection of Claiborne and Orleans Avenues.

According to police, the bus, carrying students from Warren Easton High, exited I-10 at Orleans and the driver realized the brakes had failed.

Police said he then steered the bus over the curb and onto the neutral ground in an attempt to slow it down. In the process the bus knocked over a streetlight before stopping inside of a used car lot, hitting two of the vehicles.

No serious injuries were reported for the children, but the badly-shaken driver was given a chair at the scene to calm his nerves.

An inspection of the bus showed that there was no brake fluid.

The NOPDsaid it is continuing the investigation into the accident.

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