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NEW ORLEANS -- Homicide detectives are investigating another cab driver murder in New Orleans. Police say 35-year-old Sheicho Delbar was shot and killed in Treme early Thursday morning.

In an Eyewitness News exclusive, members of the cab industry say despite forced vehicle upgrades, the city isn't doing enough to protect drivers.

A hub cap, broken lights and other bits and pieces -- it's debris marking the spot where Delbar crashed his taxi cab just after 1 a.m. Thursday.

'He was a wonderful person, a father of two children, a husband, a colleague and also a hard working man,' said taxicab driver Abdul Essa.

The 35-year-old cabbie originally from Ethiopia worked to support his family thousands of miles away. A trip back was already booked after Jazz Fest.

'In fact, he had a ticket to go travel to go see his family -- his wife, 3 year-old and a year and a half child,' said Essa.

Delbar's life was cut short after being shot just three blocks from his New Orleans home. Friends say he's lived in the Crescent City for five years.

American Taxi says he'd just finished his shift and didn't have a passenger.

'It's a loss for all of us, for the friends that he had, the families that he had, his children and the colleagues he worked with every day,' said Essa.

American Taxi says Delbar never pushed the panic button inside of his cab after being shot. He crashed his car in the 900 block of N. Johnson Street.

'We have the camera now in the middle of the car. It can shoot inside the car and outside the car,' said Omar Qasim, who works Delbar's same shift.

The taxicab driver says despite city-mandated upgrades that include security cameras, gps tracking systems, panic buttons and credit card machines to reduce cash-in-hand, driving cabs in New Orleans is still dangerous.

'The city has not improved anything to stop these killings, senseless killing, where a cab driver dies like sheep and nobody even asks for anything,' said Qasim.

'People that prey on cab drivers that think the quick cash they can make on cabbies, those are the things we face every day, every minute. We don't know who'd next,' said Essa.

As these fellow cabbies mourn their slain friend, one veteran driver has this request to anyone possible witness.

'Please come forward if you know anything about this. If you know anything about this senseless death. If you know anything about this tragedy that took place,' said Essa.

American Taxi says Delbar's taxicab did have a security camera which has been handed over to detectives. A funeral is being held for Delbar Friday afternoon.

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