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MANDEVILLE, La. - A discarded brief case that was left inside of a trash can at the Mandeville Post Office caused quite a stir Wednesday morning.

Roads were closed and law enforcement including the bomb squad was sent to the location where the briefcase was destroyed and found to contain only 'trash and junk.'

A person who said they owned the briefcase in question, called police later to say he had thrown away the bag. Police interviewed him and confirmed his story.

The drama unfolded in light of heightened security awareness after two bombs went off near the finish of the Boston Marathon, killing three people and injuring more than 100.

The post office was evacuated when the suspicious package, a new briefcase, was found by the janitor, according to Lt. Gerald Sticker. A Walgreens and CVS were evacuated as well, while other businesses nearby told to stay put.

Mandeville Police Chief Rick Richard said, 'Had this employee found the brief case three days ago, he probably would've thought nothing of it.'

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