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METAIRIE, La. - Get ready to fight the bite. Recent rains in the New Orleans area are now expected to lead to in an increase in the mosquito population.

Mosquito control crews spent the Friday morning checking traps on the East Bank of Jefferson Parish.

They are also wading through standing water looking for larvae.

One pond near Airline and Causeway in Metairie was filled with them.

'We're just now getting into the mosquito season and getting ramped up as far as the populations are increasing at this time and after this rain fall we're anticipating a little bit of a bloom in the population,' said Entomologist Steve Pavlovich who heads up Mosquito Control Services.

The mosquito breeding pond is in Diane Martin's back yard.

'I'm kind of like sick of it,' she said. 'I'm glad someone is coming out here to do something about it because we have mosquitoes, frogs and everything.'

Unfortunately for people like Martin who live near swampy wooded areas, the mosquitoes getting ready to hatch are the more annoying varieties.

'The mosquitoes that are coming after the rains are generally the more aggressive biters,' said Pavlovich. 'They tend to fly a little further.'

'They get very bad,' said Martin. 'You can't even sit out on the porch. They need to do something with mosquitoes.'

Pavlovich says you can help fight the bite by eliminating standing water in your yard.

'Any container that can possibly hold water can breed mosquitoes and this is any thing from tires to bird baths to kiddie pools or clogged gutters.'

Experts say the expected cold snap over the weekend will only delay the mosquitoes.

'When it starts to warm up those numbers will actually start breeding in about 7 to 10 days,' said Pavlovich.

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