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LSU is one of four Southeastern Conference schools residing in the top 10 of total revenue in the NCAA in 2012, according to the latest numbers compiled by USA Today for its yearly database of university athletic finances.

The database covers the 2011-12 fiscal year.

Alabama led all SEC schools with $124.8 million in revenue, helped in part by winning its third BCS title in four years. Still, Alabama's revenue was nearly $40 million less than Texas, which led all schools with $163.2 million in revenue.

According to the database, LSU brought in $114.7 million while spending only $101.9 million, putting the school $12.8 million in the black. But while Alabama also received subsidies in the form of school funds, LSU received no subsidy in 2012, the database shows.

Florida also brought in more money than LSU did in 2012.

Texas A&M made nearly $38 million, its last season in the Big XII before entering the SEC.

While these numbers might be eye-popping, each school can account for money differently. Texas A&M, for instance, brought in $53.3 million in contributions in 2012, a jump of nearly $35 million from 2011.

Alabama recorded a $16.6 million profit that included a $5.4 million subsidy. LSU was one of just seven schools that received no subsidy in 2012.

The University of New Orleans, meanwhile, made $3.1 million while spending $2.8 million. The athletic department received a $2.1 million subsidy in 2012. This, however, included the school's Division II year.

Tulane isn't represented in the study because it's a private institution and isn't required to publicly report financial information.

As for LSU, the revenues represent a rise in money taken in through ticket sales, contributions, right licensing and a mysterious 'other' category for the first time since 2010. The athletic department's revenue had risen five straight years before falling in 2011 to $107.2 million from $111 million.

The school's athletic expenses, defined by USA Today as coaching staff salaries, scholarships, buildings and 'other,' grew more than $10 million in 2012 from 2011. But expenses in 2012 were less than its 2010 record of $102.3 million output.

For the entire database, go to the USA Today database.

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