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NEWORLEANS-- Tuesday evening, a new food truck rally series called 'Rolling Through' made its first stop in the Bayou Treme area.

The series also has scheduled visits to Central City, Broadmoor and the Marigny / Bywater neighborhoods something organizer Barrie Schwartz hopes will give a boost to several neighborhoods.

'I think food trucks are a great way to bring diverse food options, which leads to diverse people coming to different spaces together,' Schwartz said.

However, as the series gets underway, questions remain over the industry's future in the city, after Mayor Mitch Landrieu vetoed the city council's new food truck ordinance last week.

Vendor Richard Shilling said it's time to raise the number of available permits.

'Give everybody else a chance, like a small business like us. We need an opportunity and that's what we're trying to get, an opportunity,' he said.

'I think in general there's overwhelming support for food trucks in New Orleans and the mayor's veto of the ordinance came sort of out of left field, and I think it'll be really interesting to see how the city fights for these laws,' Schwartz said.

But as the controversy continues, Shilling believes it'll all work out.

'They can probably hurt us a little bit, but they can't hurt us totally. I think we're gonna still make it, either way it goes,' he said.

Last week, Mayor Landrieu said he has directed his staff to work with the council on further adjusting the proposed mobile vending laws. Meanwhile, the council could vote to override the mayor's veto, but it's unclear if that will happen.

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