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The Millennial Generation is starting to see what the baby boomers already know, tanning in your youth makes skin look older, faster. But now there is new device that can help repair the damage and restore more youthful looking skin.

The signs of sun damage have made some women curious about the latest skin rejuvenation technology.

'My wrinkles had set in, my dark spots all that is a part of aging, and I'm a little concerned about that,' said Sandy Byrd-Maldonado, 51, of New Orleans. She is a patient of Dr. Mary Lupo's who is thinking about using the new laser.

'I want smaller pores and of course, I don't want wrinkles here, and the texture on my forehead,' said Deborah Fulk, 48, of Metairie, talking about the lines around her eyes. She had just finished trying the new laser.

So they are looking at the latest laser technology that is pain free, takes less than an hour, with no down time.

'Many of the things we do in dermatology is a controlled injury. When we do chemical peels, or we do lasers, what we're doing is we're stimulating controlled injury, to stimulate a repair, to get new collagen in there, to get rid of the old and damaged collagen from those years of sun and tanning,' explained New Orleans dermatologist Dr. Mary Lupo.

There are two settings: One is called Clear and Brilliant. The other is called Permea.

'The Permea was the breakthrough for pigmentation problems, brown spots, aging, photo damage, blotchiness of the skin, and melasma,' said Dr. Lupo of the FDA cleared device.

This is not a laser for tightening skin. It is more for texture, fine lines, pore size and discoloration from the sun.

'The down time's about one to two hours of redness and heat, and after that, it subsides. The next day you're more dry, and then three to four days, just feeling sandpapery on the face,' said Solta Medical sales representative Cindi Bussell, 48, of California. She works for the company that makes the laser and has also used it. 'You can start back to your normal regimen right after the procedure. You want to cleanse. You want to moisturize, and you want sunscreen. And you can wear makeup right after.'

Dr. Lupo says since this is nonaggressive, it is more for the 20 and 30 year old patients, or for older patients who have used the more aggressive Fraxel DUAL laser and want a touch up. It is also safe for darker pigmentation.

'It is also a much better option for patients who are darker complected, olive complected, Mediterranean, African American, darker skin, far better than intense pulse light (IPL).
'I noticed more of the pores and just having my skin, like, a lot more smoother, like more porcelain looking, so that when I apply my makeup or the powder, it goes on quite a bit more smooth,' said Bussell.

The patients trying it on this day are late 40's and early 50's who are new to rejuvenation procedures.

'It was warm. It didn't hurt, kind of similar to getting a waxing around the mouth. It was fine,' said Fulk.

A numbing cream is put on the face for 20 minutes, then the laser takes about 30 minutes.
The cost is $385 per treatment for the entire face and most patients need three to six treatments, spaced out over a year, to get the full effect.

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