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HARVEY, La. -- Jefferson Parish deputies are investigating two murders that happened less than two-hours apart in the same Westbank neighborhood.

Robert Casbon, 23, was gunned down in the garage of this home in the 3800 block of Cimwood Drive. It happened shortly before midnight last night in the Woodmere subdivision in Harvey.

Just 90 minutes earlier, Larry Wix, 32 lost his life a few blocks away near the corner of Longleaf and Alex Kornman.

'Now a days man, people result to extreme violence,' said Alack Johnson. 'It's really unnecessary. It's never necessary to take somebody's life.'

Johnson along with Justin Winston and Pastor Freddie McFadden are part of the 'Witnessing Team' at the Living Gospel Church in Woodmere.

They go door-to-door trying to defuse tensions in the neighborhood. Pastor McFadden says unfortunately conflict resolution in his community is a process of elimination.

'If I hit you and my boy hits you than the next thing, you know, we're going to hit the next block,' said McFadden. 'For what? Daddies dying. Mothers crying.'

Of the 17 murders so far this year in Jefferson Parish, 14 were committed on the Westbank.

'They're retaliatory acts of violence,' said Col. John Fortunato, a JPSO spokesman. 'They're the results of domestic violence and many of them are drug deals.'

The Witnessing Team says there's more than just drugs fueling the violence.

'It could just be a broken home, it could be a single parent,' said Winston. 'It could be a depressed child, a bullied child.'

The Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office continues to search for suspects in both murders, but at this point, detectives do not believe there is a connection between the two killings in the Woodmere neighborhood.

'Although we don't have any witnesses to the shooting on Longleaf/Alex Kornman, we don't believe at this point, that the people involved in that would have been involved in this other incident,' said Fortunato.

As detectives pursue leads, the Witnessing Team continues its efforts to bring peace to the streets.

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