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Drivers have long needed to pay extra attention along Polymnia Street just off St. Charles Avenue, in order to avoid this large, deep pothole. Scrapes show where cars were damaged,, and they were not happy at the condo complex next door.

'Everybody was worried about damage to property, and of course potential damage to a person, like a pedestrian walking,' saidProperty Manager Brooks Butler. 'The hole was very deep. You could stick a street cone in, and it would just barely peek above the top. It was almost the size of an entire car.'

'A lot of people don't know about it when they pass through,' said Neighbor Hubert Norman. 'They're going 20-25 miles an hour, and it's enough to hurt a car, and cause an accident.'

Neighbors say the pothole appeared in January, 2012, after the Sewerage and Water Board repaired a broken pipe under the street, and left the hole filled with gravel, which washed away, creating a dangerous problem.

'I've seen a little car come through here, and it hit so hard, it broke something on the bottom of the car, and she had to get somebody to haul her away,' said Norman.

'I have been calling, emailing, filling out work orders at the Sewerage and Water Board's website,' said Butler.

The minute I saw it, I knew this was a serious situation. So I quickly emailed the Sewerage and Water Board, and look what happened. Within a couple of days, they had a crew out here to fix the pothole.

It's gone now, only 16 months late, but still the neighbors are thrilled.

'I think everybody is going to have a lot easier time driving,' said Butler. 'Just a minute ago, I was watching cars drive by, and it was normal, and that's good.'

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