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LAPLACE, La. -- Residents of a LaPlace neighborhood are in shock after a 15-year-old was shot to death Saturday night.

St. John Parish deputies arrested two 19-year-olds in connection with the murder. It's the tenth murder of the year in the typically peaceful parish. Monday morning, Bob Tubre worked on home improvement projects around his house. It was a bit of normalcy after tumultuous Saturday night.

'I heard pop, pop, pop. I knew it was gunfire because I'm a veteran,' Tubre said.

When he looked out his window, he said he saw overflow from a nearby house party.

'I seen pop, pop, pop again. About three more shots and they took off,' he said.

15-year-old Kyrian Gray fell onto a neighbor's trash can, shot multiple times in the yard.

'They worked on that poor kid 20 or 30 minutes trying to bring him back to life, and it's a shame. It's just a lost life for no reason,' Tubre said.

Neighbors say the night's events actually started at a house party down the street. Amy Drive was full of cars Saturday night and it was full of teenagers.

'He was a fun kid, an outgoing kid. I love him. He's gonna be missed. I'll miss him,' said Daron Henry, a long-time friend of Gray's.

He grew up in the same neighborhood in Reserve. Henry called Gray's murder 'crazy'.

'That's the main thing down here. This person say i shot this person. That person say i shot that person. So, this person gonna shoot that person. Come to find out that person didn't have nothing to do with it. So, why do all that he said, she said, stuff. I don't get that,' Henry said.

Deputies arrested 19-year-olds Ali Batiste and Aaron Gregoire in connection with the murder on Sunday.

Tubre said the violence is a trend that needs to stop.

'They were screaming, that's my cousin. That's my buddy, I'm going after whoever, you know. There was 50, 60 of them out in a group right there. I don't think the situation was controlled at all,' Tubre said.

According to Tubre, a few months ago, another nearby party also resulted in gunfire in the neighborhood.

Batiste was booked on a second-degree murder charge. Gregorie was booked with accessory after the fact.

We requested an interview with the St. John Parish Sheriff on Monday, but neither he nor the public information officer got back to us in time for this report.

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