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NEWORLEANS-- 'He said I'm from Habitat for Humanity,' said New Orleans resident Louise.

Louise was surprised when the man knocked on her door without warning and offering to do repairs on her home, and claiming to be a Habitat For Humanity worker.

Suddenly he started talking money. 'I say what money?' Louise said. 'He said they're going to bring materials to you. 'You just have $100. Do you have $100 to show me?' I said no.'

The man left quickly, and left Louise suspicious.

'What dawned on me, this could have been a fake, and I let my guard down,' said an angry Louise.

'Louise is not the only victim,' said Aleis Tusa of Habitat For Humanity. 'We've actually had a call about another victim, a woman in Central City that allowed the gentleman to come in portraying himself as a Habitat person, and he measured her house for some repairs, and he actually, allegedly stole some money.'

Habitat is warning people they don't show up unannounced.

'We will not come knocking at your door,' Tusa said. 'You can come knocking at ours, and we will go from there, but we will not be knocking at your door.'

The first victim said she thought it was a legitimate Habitat employee because they had a cap on. But anybody can get one of these. Habitat sells them for $15 as a fundraiser. So don't pay attention to items like t-shirts and caps. If they're legitimate, they'll have a special I.D.'

'They all have business cards, has our logo on it, and you know, just call the office,' said Tusa. 'Call the office right then and there, and ask if we know about this person.'

'When you see people at your door like that, shoo them away,' suggested Louise.

To reach the New Orleans Habitat For Humanity main office, call 861-2077.

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