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NEW ORLEANS -- The New Orleans Police Department has fired Officer Jeremy Wilcox, a six-year veteran of the force, for writing a bad check in 2004 and failing to repay it.

According to the NOPD, Wilcox gave a $2,505 check to a St. Charles Parish business in 2004 that didn't clear.

After an investigation by the NOPD's Public Integrity Bureau in 2011, Wilcox told authorities that he didn't know of the bad check.

Wilcox allegedly called an attorney after the investigation, 'but then decided he did not have the funds to cover it,' according to police.

The issue didn't resurface until July 2012, when a St. John the Baptist Parish deputy pulled Wilcox over for driving without a license plate. The deputy then found Wilcox had an outstanding warrant out for his arrest.

'In this case, it's simple. We can't have a police officer enforcing the law on a daily basis who knowingly broke the law himself, and took measures to hide it', said Superintendent Ronal Serpas. 'The people of New Orleans expect more of us.'

Because Wilcox violated the NOPD's police on moral conduct by issuing a worthless check worth more than $500, officials decided he should be fired. Wilcox was also cited for removing his license plate from his truck so that he wouldn't get stopped.

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