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NEW ORLEANS -- It is the river that runs through Lakeview, or maybe a brook that pours down Dennis DeBoisblanc's front sidewalk, and it has been flowing for more than three frustrating weeks.

'I tell you, for the amount that we pay, it does have a bit of a bad taste in your mouth when you have a $120 water bill, and you can't seem to use the washer and dryer in your house,' said DeBoisblanc.

The washer stopped working when the water pressure dropped, leaving little more than a trickle in the sinks, and a pitiful flow from the shower.

'It's quite miserable to take a shower in the morning, especially when I get half of this at 8am,' said DeBoisblanc.

'It's been going on for at least three weeks to a month,' added neighbor Michael DeRouen. 'And what kind of impact on your water pressure? It's down, especially like I said in the back of the house.'

That's when Dennis, his staff and neighbors began a campaign of calls to the Orleans Parish Sewerage & Water Board to get the leak fixed.

'Every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and then again Monday, Tuesday,' said Dennis. 'We heard we'd get to it as soon as they can, and every day the pressure seems to get worse and worse.'

Dennis says he has waited long enough for help, especially since he has low water pressure in his home. So I'm contacting the Sewerage & Water Board, asking them to get a crew out here.

Let the man take a shower, let him use his washing machine. Get this fixed.

'I would hope that they would come out here tomorrow,' said Dennis. 'I mean at this point I've been waiting for a month so I don't imagine that another month would be justified.'

I'll let you know what happens.

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