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NEW ORLEANS -- It was sure a traffic stopper when a sinkhole suddenly appeared on a well traveled Uptown street.

It sat in the traffic lane, four feet in diameter, up to 18-inches deep. One neighbor found a warning barrel to alert oncoming drivers.

'Before we put the cone up, if you hit it, you would take your muffler off, or bust a tire or whatever, and the neighbor found the cone and put it in there,' said neighbor Judie Carr.

The hole got deeper and deeper. They called the city for help, and someone even spray painted 'Call 311' on the barrel, concerned this hazard was an accident waiting to happen.

Then they emailed the Action Line.

'We're afraid they're going to hit our cars swerving, and this man on this side had to put gravel down where the trucks and things had run over on his side,' Carr said.

I first visited this site a month ago and quickly emailed the city asking them to take care of the problem. I didn't hear back, sent them another email, still didn't hear back, and so I sent them an email again, a third one, saying I'd be out here, and the neighbors were delighted when a Sewerage & Water Board crew was dispatched just in time.

'When they came yesterday, I said uh huh, somebody from the tv station is coming, and that's why you're coming tomorrow to fix it, which is fine,' Carr said.

To find the source of the problem, they had to dig a deep hole, and on a hot day, got a cooling shower when they accidentally nicked a water pipe. They found the problem so deep they needed a ladder to climb down in the hole, but the cause of the sinkhole was a broken sewer pipe.

'I'm, so glad. I really am, and I appreciate you getting on the ball for us,' Carr said. 'And the city too, yes.'

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