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Mackie Shilstone / Fitness & Nutrition Expert

Because we depend on maintaining a certain level of energy to allow us to go about our daily routines, it is essential that we eat a balanced diet consisting of foods that give us the energy we need. Here is a list of five of the best foods and beverages for boosting energy levels:

  1. Fresh Figs They provide good carbohydrates along with a multitude of B vitamins, calcium and potassium to help ensure peak muscle function.
  2. Orange Rich in natural sugars for a quick energy boost, they also provide vitamin C, in
  3. creasing iron absorption.
  4. Almonds They contain good amounts of iron and some B vitamins, helping your brain, nerves and muscles to function properly.
  5. Water Dehydration leads to feelings of fatigue, so consuming adequate amounts of
  6. fresh, pure water can help fight fatigue and sustain your energy level.
  7. Lentils Beans are a great source of fiber, which translates to a slow release of energy
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