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BRIDGECITY, La. - Nearly four days after word came down that her 16-year-old daughter was missing, along with eight others on a small boat off the coast of Honduras, Jackie Capehart finally got the news she wanted so badly to hear.

'It's the best voice I've heard, ever,'she said, recalling hearing her daughter Amber Burkett's voice. 'I'm just so happy you're alive,'she told her during their first communication.

Burkett and eight others were rescued Wednesday in an area about 55 miles off course from their expected weekend destination.

Capehart said her daughter is sunburned and dehydrated and that she'll spend the night in a hospital. Capehart is flying down to bring her daughter home. She said the stress of the past few days has been almost unbearable.

'It's been the emotions of hearing rumors they were found, they weren't found,'she said. 'I was thinking Iwas planning a funeral.'

It was Saturday afternoon when one of the boys on the boat called to tell his mother that he was on his way home for dinner. He never showed up and a call for help went out from loved ones whose family and friends hadn't returned from the trip.

There is no word yet on why the boat got off course.

The boat was spotted by a Coast Guard air crew who directed an Army helicopter to pick up the survivors.

'I miss you too,'Capehart said.

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