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NEW ORLEANS -- The water pours through the cracks at the edge of the sidewalk in Lake Vista and flows more than 100 feet down the street to the nearest drain. Green algae is growing.

It has been this way since late May.

'It's unbelievable,' said property owner Charlie Thensted. 'This is the fourth time the same leak has occurred in the 10 years since we've owned this house, and this has been going on now for seven weeks.'

Charlie even scrawled dates and his child's hand and footprints in the wet cement from previous repairs dating back to 2004.

But he emailed the Action Line after the Orleans Parish Sewerage & Water Board told him it could take two months to repair the leak.

'It's completely unacceptable,' Charlie said. 'It's amazing to me that it takes so long to get something like this that is obviously a problem for the city as well.'

And after that first email, I got a big surprise when more came in. Other leaks, one in Mid City, were flooding most of the block. Residents are complaining they can't get out of their houses because of the flood.

There's a leak Uptown from a broken pipe that covered half a block. Residents say they've called and called and called for help, and there's been no repairs yet. And it's been there long enough there are tadpoles in the water.

And see the orange barrels at the one in Lakeview. Well, you'd think they'd fixed it, but no, it started leaking again.

How many times have they been out here to fix this?

'Oh God, numerous amounts, can't even count,' said Cindy Vincent. 'Very frustrated.'

Neighbors say they want the leaks fixed, so I'm passing that message on to the Sewerage & Water Board.

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