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NEW ORLEANS -- It's been a boring two weeks at the Maxwell house. The kids sit inside playing games while the pool they want to swim in remains boxed up.

They haven't been able to play outside since the abandoned townhome next door collapsed. Pieces of the second floor and roof are falling into the Maxwells' yard.

'This a mess with all this stuff right here,' said their mother, Keyana Maxwell. 'Kids can't play with this right here, because they'll still get hurt with the nails and all that stuff hanging out.'

The collapse shocked Keyana's children.

'It sounded like thunder, and we thought, because it was raining at the time, we thought that was thunder,' Kevin Maxwell said.

'I thought it broke her window,' added his brother, Kyheem.

When one piece hit Keyva's window, her mom moved the dresser in front of it to protect her daughter.

'I saw the wood, and I thought my window was about to break, so I haven't slept in there,' said Keyva.

Keyana can't believe there's been no action from the City. 'I thought they would have been came and cleaned it up when I called,' said Keyana.

It's been two weeks since this structure fell. She's been waiting for the city to take action.

But Monday morning, as we were here, just as I was getting ready to email City Hall, the utility locating crew showed up to mark where the utility lines are so the demolition crew doesn't hit them.

'I'm just happy that they're going to get this house down where my kids can come outside and play,' said Keyana.

I asked city officials to make that demolition happen as soon as possible.

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