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NEWORLEANS-- Keisha lives in fear, due to this blighted house. She said it has been empty and neglected since before Katrina, but now vagrants are using the empty structure.

'It's very dangerous living right here, with that house like that, and the grass, it's coming over into my yard over the fence,' said Keisha.

Other neighbors voiced their concerns about the heavily overgrown property, with the house that has not even been boarded up.

'It's been like that for years right now, and something needs to be done,' said Landour, anotherneighbor,'because they have too many rats and snakes that's running around, and it's unsafe.'

'They're breaking the glass, they're doing this, doing that,' added Keisha about the vagrants.

This is a sore subject. People all over town have been emailing the Action Line, calling the Action Line, begging me to get the City to do something about the blighted properties in their neighborhood. I've been having a long series of emails back and forth with the Mayor's Office, asking them what will they do to help the neighbors in cases like this. Here's what they had to say:

First they want you to call 311, and file a report.

'Almost every other week I call 311, and they say the same thing. It's due for an inspection,' complained Keisha.

The Mayor's Office says inspectors have a target of 30 days to visit the site. Then they'll schedule a hearing, with the goal being to have the property cleaned up, demolished, or sent to a sheriff's sale.

'I would like to see them if they're not going to tear them down, at least come cut the grass around it,' Landour said.

Keisha said she wouldn't have come back had she known that the house was going to sit there for eight years.

City leaders say a September hearing date has been set for this property.

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