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NEWORLEANS- A man accused of raping two underage girls who once called himself an actor and a model struck a plea deal with prosecutors Monday afternoon.

Prosecutors allowed Dean Kelly to plead to lesser charges.

Despite the fact that Kelly wouldn't admit guilt, an attorney for one of the victims said it is a day of vindication because he is forced to seek therapy and register as a sex offender.

'It was not consensual,' read attorney Lindsey Ladouceur in court Monday afternoon. It was part of the victim impact statement written by a 14-year-old girl who said Kelly raped her.

The girl said Kelly lured her to his house under the guise that he was an actor and an agent and he was interested in her work as a young actor.

'You consciously took advantage of the naivete, vulnerability and trust of a 14-year-old girl when you were 33-years-old to meet your own selfish, sick sexual needs,' Ladouceur read.

Kelly pleaded to two counts of sexual battery and one count of felony carnal knowledge of a juvenile Monday. He was expected to be released from jail late Monday or early Tuesday to serve five years of probation. At the recommendation of the plea deal, Judge Tracey Flemings-Davilier credited Kelly for the 22 months he already served in jail.

'If we can avoid putting a victim on the stand and if we can get a conviction for what we consider some very serious offenses without having to go to trial, I think that's a very good result from our perspective,' said Orleans Parish District Attorney Leon Cannizzaro.

Kelly's attorneys re-affirmed out of court that their client still maintains his innocence, and that he pleaded guilty to avoid any more trial delays, and therefore, any more jail time.

'He was having some problems being incarcerated and he clearly pleaded today because, not because he's guilty, he continues to say he's innocent of the charges in all of the cases involved here,' said Nandi Campbell, Kelly's attorney.

Kelly must register as a sex offender for ten years as part of the deal and he has to seek therapy. Plus, the judge banned him from social media, including operating under aliases.

That's how he contacted some of his victims, and they say, how he trashed his victims after the attacks. Plus, Kelly is required to stay away from the victims and their families.

'Both victims reported that he said if they reported these crimes, their families would end up at the bottom of Lake Pontchartrain,' Ladouceur said.

The DA said his office received calls from at least five other victims, many of them from out of state, after news of the case initially broke.

The judge said in court Monday that she had concerns about Kelly's behavior, his conduct and his decision-making and that if he violated any of the terms of his probation, she would revoke his probation, forcing him to serve the full ten years of his suspended sentence.

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