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GRAND ISLE, La. -- Grand Isle's Mayor says the bad weather from Tropical Storm Karen is expected to get to the island by Friday night.

But this barrier island isn't taking any chances.

As coastal communities keep a close eye on the Gulf of Mexico and Karen's path, families like the Boggs don't want to push their luck.

The St. Martinville couple was packing up their Grand Isle camping site Thursday night. Even though it looks like Karen will make a turn east, Pete and Brenda Boggs want to move their camper and their charter boat out of harm's way.

'We got a storm in the Gulf. It could turn into a hurricane or it could break up, but we don't know. So we're not going to wait to the last minute. We'll take our stuff and go. We're gonna be back, but you can't take a chance,' Pete Boggs said.

The town of Grand Isle is also planning ahead. A voluntary evacuation was issued around 2:30 p.m. Thursday targeting the elderly and vacationers.

Mayor David Carmardelle said LA-1, the only highway onto and off the island, is prone to flooding when storms roll in.

Carmardelle said the highway is still damaged from Hurricane Isaac last year, and a new levee is still in the process of being built, so it's hard to tell what a tidal surge and heavy rain might to do the area.

But the mayor maintains Grand Isle is ready.

'We've got our town employees that's been working through the day, filling in generators and making sure all the pumps -- all our pumps are new. We've got our tractors and some more pumps, everything is new, ready to go,' Carmardelle said. 'We're asking our people to get a good night rest tonight, and make sure you pick up the rest of your stuff tomorrow.'

Carmardelle said a 9:30 a.m. meeting is scheduled with the Governor's Office of Homeland Security & Emergency Preparedness to determine any next steps this island may have to make.

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