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NEW ORLEANS- A four-year-old Labrador Retriever is recovering from a bullet wound to the leg. His owners awoke around 2:45 Sunday morning to the sound of a single gunshot. They found Flint whimpering, scared and bleeding, on the front porch of their home in the 4800 block of Majestic Oaks Drive in New Orleans East.

'I was really really hurt. I was hurt over it. I was hurt because I love animals, I always have,' said owner Espy Cornin.

But even more painful, Cornin is retired and on a fixed income, and unable to afford the medical care Flint needs.

'Hoping and trusting God that everything will work out,' said Cornin.

And that's where Michelle Ingram, owner of Zeus' Place, comes in. When she got word of Flint's story, she immediately offered to bring him to an emergency clinic and cover his medical expenses.

'As an animal rescuer, I see the worst of humanity. I see the end result of that, so anytime that I can step in and make life better for that dog, cat or family, it makes me feel a little bit better and gives me faith in human kind,' said Ingram.

Doctors say the bullet pierced Flint's elbow, shattering his humerous into three pieces. Now, they're opting to to amputate his leg and say it will take about eight to 10 days to recover.

'He should be able to run and play just like he normally would,' said Dr. Billie Barrett, emergency veterinarian at Metairie Small Animal Hospital.

Cornin has filed a police report, and says it's not the first time this has happened. One of his other dogs survived a bullet wound last year. And someone has been throwing bricks at man's best friend. But for Cornin, the kind heart of a good Samaritan has given his dog a second chance.

'They took a load off of my shoulders. I had a load lifted,' he said. 'My sympathy for the dog was great, but it's greater for the humans that care enough for an animal to be treated.'

Flint's owner believes someone intentionally shot his dog. But the vet says it's appears flint was hit by a stray bullet because of the nature of the wound.

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