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PLAQUEMINES, La. -- The Louisiana ACLU is requesting that the Plaquemines Parish School Board removes a ban on the classic novel 'To Kill a Mockingbird.'

The book was banned in 2001, but according to the ACLU, the parish has recently had to reinforce it after they discovered that teachers were reading the books to students. The board has allegedly removed all copies of the book from its schools.

'The ban was flatly unlawful when it was imposed, remains so, and should be lifted immediately,' said ACLU Executive Director Marjorie Esman.

According to the ACLU, the board banned 'To Kill a Mockingbird' because of 'offensive language and adult themes.'

The ACLU says that the ban violates First Amendment rights.

The school board is also planning a meeting to discuss the district's book selection for students.

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