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SLIDELL, La. - Construction along Fremaux Avenue is part of a city sewer improvement program to put bigger, better pipes in the system.

It's something Slidell city leaders want to do more of, and to do that, they need voters to renew the property tax that brings in almost a $1 million a year to pay for it.

'It is very, very low in consideration when you look on your bill, but it is critical to keep the services at the level we want to keep them at without raising in some other areas,' said Councilman Joe Fraught.

Two other millages up for renewal Saturday are for the city's garbage service, which also collects almost $1 million, and the police department, which brings in $547,000 a year. City leaders say not renewing the millages could result in staffing cuts to the police department and fees doubling for sewage and garbage services.

'It's an extremely important millage renewal for the city,' Mayor Freddy Drennan said. 'It is strictly, the big thing is, that it's strictly a renewal. It is not a new tax. It is not an increase.'

The mayor is also stressing that the current millages will remain rolled back if renewed, meaning not all of it will be used. For instance, the city only levies 4 mills of the 5 mills authorized by voters for sewer operations and maintenance, and it will stay that way if the millages are renewed.

'We as a council have no intent on raising any taxes whatsoever, especially the millages we're asking the public to renew tomorrow,' Council President Lionel Hicks said.

If not renewed, the police millage would expire next year, while the garbage and sewer millages would run out in 2015.

All of these renewal requests are for 10 years.

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