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HAMMOND- The fight against meth is an on-going one for authorities on the Northshore.

But detectives in Tangipahoa say the presence of a different version of the drug is picking up across the parish. That is called 'Mexican ICE' methamphetamine. Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff's detectives bought two pounds of it from a Baton Rouge man in a Hammond motel earlier this week.

Deputies say this type of meth is also called 'glass' because of the way it looks. It contains more than just the usual store-bought ingredients that create the commonly-seen powder form of meth, which is usually made in small labs locally.

'This glass is taken from one other step, you add one other chemical to it, and it mainly comes from Mexico. That's where it's mass produced,' said an undercover agent with the sheriff's office.

Detectives say one reason that they're seeing this version of meth here on the streets of Tangipahoa Parish is because of the profit it turns out. For instance, selling it Tangi makes almost four times as much as a sale in Texas and California. That price hike reflects the high demand because 'glass' is so rare away from the border. Also contributing to the rise in 'glass'' presence is the clamp down on sinus pills needed for the mixture and the sentence if caught and convicted of making meth.

The agent said, 'Manufacturing meth is a ten-year mandatory, no probation, no parole without benefit. 'Glass' methamphetamine is a possession charge or a possession with intent charge or a distribution charge; big difference. Ten years without benefit or five years with probation'

But detectives are confident they are making a dent in the meth business regardless of the type on sale any given day.

The man arrested in Tangipahoa Parish earlier this week is facing federal prosecution for possession with the intent to distribute over 500 grams of methamphetamines.

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