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It's been one month since President Obama's administration rolled out the new health care enrollment website, but from the start, the website has been riddled with problems.

By November, 800,000 people were expected to have signed up for health care on the website, but that's far from the case, and the impact felt in Louisiana is no different from the rest of the nation, as now some disturbing numbers are coming from the state's Insurance Commissioner's Office.

Louisiana Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon said at least 80,000 people in Louisiana won't be able to keep their current insurance plans once the Affordable Health Care Act goes into effect.

Donelon requested the latest numbers from insurance companies serving Louisiana customers, and found that those companies will have to cancel health insurance policies for several customers because their existing plans no longer meet federal requirements under the new health care law.

Donelon did say that the thousands of people who will be directly affected by this pay for their own private insurance, as opposed to getting insurance through their employers.

However, there are still a few insurance companies who have not responded to the Insurance Commissioner's request for information yet, but when they do, Donelon expects the final figure to be about 90,000 people who will have lost their current coverage.

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