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MANDEVILLE, La. -- For many on the Northshore, the cold seemed to just sneak in.

'It's been freezing. The wind chill has been so bad,' said Mandeville resident Nick Prejeant. 'All of a sudden today the wind rolled in. It was fine last night. It wasn't this cold, and all of a sudden this morning I woke up and it was freezing.'

And for Northshore coffee shops, freezing weather means more people are warming up with hot drinks.

'You can kind of see the looks in their faces,' said Paul Tusa of St. John's Coffee. 'Everybody's all bundled up looking like South Park characters.

Humans aren't the only ones decked in warm clothes. Dogs at the St. Tammany Parish Humane Society are sporting sweaters and sleeping on warm bedding. The heaters will be on all night.

Staff closed off all outside areas, making sure man's best friend would stay warm and safe.

'It's very important,' said Janie Valle, interim director of the humane society. 'If you're cold, your pets are cold. They need to be inside too.'

Firewood is always in high demand when the temperature dips. The Hardwood Firewood Company in Hammond says phones have been ringing off the hook.

'We can barely keep up because there are so many people that wait until the cold weather strikes,' said Richie Pikes of the Hardwood Firewood Company.

When that weather strikes, Northshore residents bundle up and get ready for the first freezing night of the season.

'I'm not too scared about it,' Prejeant said. 'Wrap the pipes up tonight and we'll be alright.'

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