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New Orleans, LA Police say they have identified a person of interest in a tragic hit-and-run accident on the I-10 High-rise over the weekend.

Sunday morning 29-year-old Danielle Rhone and her two-year-old nephew Kaeden Boyd were killed after a multi-car accident.

'I can assure you there were four vehicles involved in this accident,'said Lt. Anthony Micheu with NOPD Traffic Division. 'We have enough information to lead to a possible arrest and prosecution.'

Family members tell Eyewitness News that Rhone was trying to direct traffic after rear-ending another car.

Traffic investigators say at that point another accident happened and those cars hit Rhone, eventually pushing her and her nephew over the highway railing.

Lt. Micheu said this is a deadly mistake several drivers make in a time of panic.

'It is best to stay in the car and stay in the seat belt. My last statistic check shows over 600 people were killed because of being outside their cars,' Micheu added.

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation Rhone's chances of causing another wreck rose nearly three percent for every second she was standing on the road.

Micheu said it's not worth the risk.

'Interstates are very unsafe and anytime we can get out of the lane of traffic, we need to do so,' Micheu said. 'If that means you have to ride on the rim and tear up a $300 rim, you want to get it off the road.'

Police said the driver who left the scene after the tragedy is facing serious charges as a family is grieving loved ones.

Micheu added, 'This (hit-and-run) is more of an offense than an actual accident.'

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