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NEW ORLEANS -- The intense cold that has hit the metro area sparked power outages in Jefferson, Orleans and Tangipahoa parishes.

Hundreds of Entergy customers were left in the dark and in some cases without heat for a few hours on Tuesday.

'I was scared and I was watching a scary movie,' said Imoni Smith.

Down the street from the ninth grader's house, serviceman worked into the night to restore power on her Metairie block.

The outage was not what the Smith family was looking forward to dealing with.

'It's a cold night tonight and I was thinking, oh my God, I can't believe we're gonna have to sleep in the cold,' said Metairie resident Laquincia Smith.

'As soon as the lights went out I sort of panicked,' said neighbor Cynthia Chen, who was also caught off guard.

The Metairie resident is grateful that the men working outside fixed the problem before temperatures really dropped.

'That was the first thing I thought of. I thought, oh no! If the lights go out. Fortunately this place is very well insulated,' said Chen.

They're outages that one mother didn't expect in the middle of winter.

'Just during the hurricane season,' said Smith.

An Entergy spokesperson told Eyewitness News that the majority of customer outages on Tuesday were triggered by weather conditions including strong wind and rain.

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