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MANDEVILLE-The Wine Loft-Mandeville has been in the Chenier complex on Highway 190 since 2008.But a newsletter, put out earlier this week, says it is closing.

Owner Clark Johnson, who did not want to talk on camera, says he's being forced to shut down because of the noise from the DJ and bands that play inside his business.

'You can only issue so many summons and it doesn't fix the problem,' said Lt. Gerald Sticker with Mandeville Police.Police records show about a dozen noise calls at the business both this year and last.One of the callers, who didn't want to go on camera, but lives in the same building as the business, claims the bass from the music shakes her walls and the disturbances from customers outside keep her up.

Police turned the issue over to the city, which is expected to hold a public hearing Thursday night to consider revoking the business' liquor license.The city says the noise and disturbance issues are a violation of their liquor license ordinance, but other residents and businesses near the Wine Loft say it's being unfairly targeted.

'I think if you give a bar a license, you know they're going to be open until two in the morning,' said Thomas Cousins, who owns a salon next to Wine Loft-Mandeville, 'They should have the right to do on their premises what they need to do until 2 a.m.'

And Grace Patricia Clark says she's never had a problem with either the bar or the salon, which says even it has received noise complaints for its music during the day.But Clark has had an issue with the gym directly below her.However, she says the businesses aren't the problem, it's the lack of proper insulation separating the two.

'It's not built to have a home where you expect to be 24 hours noise-free,' she said.

Many hope to see a resolution, but it may not come in time for the Wine Loft.

The owner of The Wine Loft-Mandeville says a dispute over the music and insulation has also led to the business' lease with the complex to lapse at the end of the year.The complex had no comment for this story.
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