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KENNER, La. -- It may be hard to tell who's who inside the cars, but outside the airport one thing is clear: Saints fans are keeping the faith.

'I love the Saints!' said one fan. 'Who Dat!'

They greeted the team at 1:30 a.m. as the Saints returned home from Seattle.

'We have to come see them, to support them win or lose,' said a fan

Others came with a cheer and a smile to tell the team they had a good season.

'I really wish we would've won, but it's OK. We're here for them,' said a fan

The sadness has settled in after a tough loss in Seattle.

'Disappointed of course. Very disappointed,' said a fan. 'I thought we could pull it off. But it was sad.'

Unless you're a Seahawks fan in Saints clothing.

'We're from Vancouver, so we were happy that Seattle won,' said one person. 'Sorry.'

By the sound of it though, she's the exception, not the rule.

However, many did do a little Sunday morning quarterbacking.

'We gave it our best shot. Turnovers killed us,' said a fan

'Had a great year. Very impressed with the defense. Rob Ryan did a great job. Actually I think they did better than they expected with the health issues that they had,' said a fan

It's a town that's proven time and time again that it may be out but never down, a town that less than a day off a loss is already looking forward to the future.

'We love the Saints and they did great this year, but we will be back next year. Super Bowl-bound baby.'

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