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NEW ORLEANS - It may be an icy night, causing road closures and flight cancellations.

But some in New Orleans aren't letting that keep them from a good time.

A coat of ice covered cars parked on mostly deserted streets Tuesday night. Transportation officials warned drivers to stay off the roadways as a precaution, but some ignored the warning and hit the streets anyway.

Emeril's in the Warehouse District was packed.

Dozens of visitors inside were making the most of a cold night. Many at the restaurant were stranded after a major auto convention over the weekend that drew 22,000 people from across the country.

'The flights were canceled, so we couldn't get out tomorrow, so we're getting out Thursday. Another two-day stay in New Orleans,' said Karen DeBore, of Oregon. 'Darn, I wish they'd opened up that Saks!'

'This is not bad weather! Close the schools, and the streets are barren?' laughed Sid DeBore. 'Two more nights in this wonderful city, no better food anywhere in the world, I'll tell you that!'

Locals said they're best letting the good times roll, no matter what.

'We're from New Orleans, we triumph over everything so we're fine,' said Connie Boudreaux, who joined an out of town friend at the Emeril's bar.

At the Rusty Nail, those who call this city home say it was worth braving the cold to share a rare icy night with friends.

'I'm actually originally from Chicago and I lived in Minneapolis, so for me I don't understand what the big deal is. I think everyone's freaking out here, but at the same time it's a fun opportunity to hang out at the bar,' said Matthew Rosenthal.

'I'm glad that people down here are getting to experience it, because up north on a cold day when it's snowy and the weather's bad, sitting at your neighborhood bar with some good friends drinking some wine or some whiskey, it's a great experience.'

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